Quantum 610


True All-Around Performance 

The compact Quantum 610 is the ultimate choice for users who demand the superb stability of Mid-Wheel 6 design and tight-quarter manoeuvrability. Highly adaptable, the Quantum 610 accepts a wide range of seating and electronics options while its powerful drivetrain delivers high-performance torque.

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  1.  Range and speed vary with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition and tyre pressure.
  2. Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to variance of + or – 3 %. Dimensions listed are for power base only. Overall measurements will vary based on seating and accessory selections.
  3.  Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol. 2, Section 4, standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Testing conducted at maximum weight capacities. This specification can be subject to a variance of +10%, -5%.
  4. Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.



  • Mid-Wheel 6® allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability
  • Compatible with TRU-Balance® Power Positioning
  • OMNI-Casters (nylon, spherical-shaped casters) on front and rear prevent wheel hang-ups
  • Side-mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers
  • ATX Suspension (Active-Trac® with extra stability) incorporates front OMNI-Casters for enhanced performance over more varied terrain
  •  Easy front access to batteries
  • Powerful GLIDE motors for added power and torque
  • Off-board charger (5A PowerCube)


  • Swing-away joystick
  •  Multi-axis joystick mount
  • Elevating leg rests
  • Oxygen tank holder
  • Neoprene leg rest sleeves
  • Gel adductor buttons
  • Power elevating seat
  • Angle-adjustable footplates
  • 70° drop-in footrests
  • On/off-board charger combo
  • Solid tyres


Additional information


Length 88.25cm / 34.74"
Width 59.00cm / 23.23"
Weight 51.00kg / 112.44lbs
Maximum Capacity 136.00kg / 21.42st
Maximum Range 12.00miles / 19.31km
Maximum Speed 4.00mph / 6.44kph
Turning Radius 54.00cm / 21.26"
Battery 2 x 12 volt – 30 amp batteries
Front Wheel Diameter 12.70cm / 5.00"
Drive Wheel Size 25.40cm / 10.00"
Rear Wheel Diameter 15.24cm / 6.00"
Ground Clearance 6.35cm / 2.50"


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