Quickie® P-222 SE power wheelchair

P-222 SE

Rule your world with speed and style

The powerful and sleek Quickie® P-222 SE power wheelchair offers you the ultimate in indoor and outdoor maneuverability and performance. Its rear-wheel drive base, sporty frame, and manual conversion kit ensure you arrive confidently and in style.



Fast and Maneuverable Base

The Quickie P-222 SE comes standard with a powerful, 8.5 mph motor, PosiDrive™ drivetrain technology, and a 26″ turning radius for speed, agility, and performance. No matter where you’re going, the P-222 gets you there…faster.





Manual Conversion Kit

Access all your favorite spots with the P-222’s Manual Conversion Kit. For times when using your power wheelchair base just won’t cut it, easily transfer the seating system from the P-222 SE power base to a set of 24″ manual wheels.





Bold Style Options

The P-222 SE power wheelchair offers an epic mix of options so you can be bold even when you’re not pushing your wheelchair to its max. The sporty painted frame is available in 23 different colors and with fixed front hangers. Choose the tapered style for increased maneuverability.

Additional information


Model Number EIPW2
Starting Retail Price $8,725
Drive Wheel Position Rear Wheel Drive
HCPCS Code P-222 SE BD: K0868
P-222 SE SD: K0877
User Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Overall Wheelchair Weight 115 lbs. without batteries
Overall Wheelchair Width 24.5"
Turning Radius 25"
Overall Wheelchair Length 31.5" without footplates
Suspension Rear Stabilizers
Transit Approved No
Shipping Dimensions 47" L x 40" W x 54" H
Average Shipping Weight 260 lbs.

Seat Width Range 14" to 24"
Seat Depth Range 14" to 20"
Seat-To-Floor Height No Power Seating: 18" to 20"
Tilt: 17.5" to 20.5"
Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle N/A
Back Height Range 15.5" to 24"

Maximum Speed 8.5 mph
Frame/Shroud Color Options Aztec Gold
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Color Paint
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage
Mossy Oak Camouflage
Stars & Stripes
Drive Wheel 12" x 4" Pneumatic (knobby or V-groove)
12" x 4" Pneumatic with Inserts (knobby or V-groove)
12" x 3" Pneumatic (knobby)
12" x 3" Pneumatic with Inserts (knobby)
Caster Wheels Front:
8" Pneumatic w/Insert
8" Pneumatic
9" Pneumatic w/Insert
9" Pneumatic
Transit Option N/A
LED Light Package LED Light Package
Wheel Locks Push to Lock
6" Extension Handle
Manual Conversion Kit Manual WC Conversion Kit
Ventilator Options N/A
Batteries Group 24 Standard Post
Battery Charger 8A Dual Mode (Compact) CTE
Drive Control Options Non-expandable VR2 Controller 90Amp
Expandable R-net Controller
Joysticks VR2 Joystick
R-net Standard LED Joystick
R-net Joystick with Stereo Jacks and Monochrome Display
R-net Joystick with Toggle, Speed Potentiometer, Stereo Jacks and Color Display
Joystick Mount Fixed
Joystick Handle Ball
Foam Ball
R-net OMNI and Output Options R-net Input Control Module and Display with Built-in Infrared and Armrest Mount
OMNI Mount Swing-Away (right or left side)
Switch Inputs for Joysticks or OMNI Stereo to 2 Mono Splitter
Buddy Button
Micro Light
Egg – Black
Dual Toggle Switch Only
4-way Toggle Switch with 5th Button DB9 Connector
Switch Mount Bracket Single
Dual Toggle
4-way Toggle
Specialty Driver Control Options Quickie Sip n' Puff System
ASL Head Array Package (Adult)
ASL Head Array Package (Pediatric)
Switch-It Head Array Package (Adult)
Switch-It Head Array Package (Pediatric)
ASL Proportional Mini Joystick Chin/Lip Control Package
ASL Proportional Mini Joystick Midline with Gatlin Package
Quickie Proportional Chin Control Package
Attendant Control For VR2 (mounted right or left)
For R-net (mounted right or left)
Electronics Programmers VR2 Hand Held Programmer (HHP)
R-net PC Programmer with Dongle
DTT VR2 and R-net Cables
Seat Frame Traditional Rehab
Powered Seating Options Power CG Tilt 53°
Powered Seating Control Method Switch Control 1 Actuator with Dual Toggle and Mount
Switch Control 1 Actuator with Buddy Button and Mount
Thru Drive 1 Actuator
Backrest Frame Type Angle Adjustable
Angle Adjustable Backrest Options Folding
Back Cane Angle Straight
8° Bend
Towel Bar Depth N/A
Back Cane Height N/A
Backrest Type Parapak Upholstery
JAY Solid Back
Head Support Options Curved Headrest 8" x 4.5"
Curved Headrest 9" x 4.5"
Lateral Thoracic Support Curved or Straight (3" x 6", 4" x 5", 4" x 6")
Thigh Support N/A
Knee Adductor Supports N/A
Chest Strap N/A
Armrests Dual Post Flip Back
Dual Post Flip Back Height Adjustable
Single Post Height Adjustable
Arm Pads Desk Length Waterfall
Full Length Waterfall
Desk Length Standard
Full Length Standard
Legrests 70° Fixed Straight
70° Swing-Away
80° Fixed Tapered
90° Swing-Away
Manual ELR
Legrest Extensions Short
Footplates Composite with Heel Loops
Adult Angle Adjustable with Heel Loops
Kids Angle Adjustable with Heel Loops
Solid One Piece
Two-Piece Locking wth Heel Loops
Multi-Positional with Heel Loops
Tray Tables Medium Tuffak 15-17
Large Tuffak 18-20
X-Large Tuffak 21-22
Backpack Black Utility
Black/Charcoal Kids
Positioning Belts Auto Style Buckle
2" Aircraft Buckle
2" Aircraft Padded Buckle
Mounting Accessories N/A
Miscellaneous Seat Pouch
Dual Post Armrest Pouch


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