TENS Electrotherapy Unit

Quick Overview

  • Dual channel
  • Three modes – standard, bust and modulation


Additional information


Channel Dual, isolated between channels
Modes of Operations Burst, Continuous Modulation
Pulse Intensity Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 ohm lead each channel, constant current
Pulse Rate 2Hz – 150 Hz (adjustable)
Burst Mode 2 burst per second at 100 Hz
Wave Form Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
Voltage 0 – 100 Volt (open current)
Power Source 9 volt battery
2- Channel Dual, Isolated between channels
2- Modes of Operation Modulation, Burst
2- Pulse Intensity Adjustable 0 – 80 mA peak either positive or negative pulse into 500O load each channel, constant current
2- Pulse Rate 2 – 150 Hz
2- Burst Mode 2 bursts per second, 7 pulses per burst, at maximum pulse rate.
2- Voltage 0 – 100V maximum (either positive or negative pulse)
2- Power Source 9 volt battery
3- Channel Two
3- Modes of Operation Normal, Pulse Burst and Modulation
3- Pulse Intensity 80 mA x 250u sec: 20uC, 500 ohm test load
3- Pulse Rate 2 – 120 Hz
3- Burst Mode 2 bursts per second, 7 pulses per burst, with 100 Hz intraburst rate
3- Power Source 9 volt battery
Warranty One-year warranty on basic model


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