Quickie® S-6 Series electric wheelchairs

Powerful wheelchair performance and superior seating with an edge

The Quickie® S-6 Series electric wheelchairs are built tough for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Top speeds up to 8.5 mph, standard 4-pole motors, and dynamic suspension overcome tough terrain while the hybrid base maneuvers gracefully indoors. Seating options such as tilt, recline, and power elevating legrests ensure your positioning needs are met.



Hybrid Base

The S-6 Series’ drive wheel is located between traditional mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive positions. Combining the tight turning radius and maneuverability of mid-wheel drive with the all-terrain performance you expect from rear-wheel drive, the S-6 gives you the best of both worlds.



Dynamic Suspension

Each of the S-6 Series’ six wheels operate independently for superior traction and handling. Whether you’re up against snow, gravel, or steep hill climbs, the S-6 Series power wheelchairs conquer them all while giving you a smooth, stable ride.





Easy Battery Access

The S-6 Series’ battery compartments are some of the easiest to access in the power wheelchair market. If your batteries need replaced or serviced, you can stay seated in your wheelchair during maintenance.





Power Tilt and Recline

The S-6 Series wheelchairs offer a broad range of power seating options. An optional 53° of power tilt, power recline with shear reduction, and power elevating and articulating legrests help position you for your best level of function.

Additional information


Model NumberEIS62
Starting Retail PriceS-636: $6,040S-646: $8,915
Drive Wheel PositionRear Wheel Drive
HCPCS CodeS-636 BC: K0848S-636 SC: K0856 S-636 MPC: K0861 S-646 SE BD: K0868 S-646 SE SD: K0877 S-646 SE MPD: K0884
User Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Overall Wheelchair Weight128 lbs. without batteries
Overall Wheelchair Width14" to 20" Seat Widths: 25.75"22" to 24" Seat Widths: 27.75"
Turning Radius24"
Overall Wheelchair Length33.5"
Transit ApprovedYes
Shipping Dimensions47" L x 40" W x 54" H
Average Shipping Weight350 lbs.
  Frame and Feature Measurements
Seat Width Range14" to 24"
Seat Depth Range14" to 22"
Seat-To-Floor HeightNo Power Seating: 18" to 21" With Power Seating: 18.5" to 20.5"
Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle3°, 6°, 9°
Back Height Range15" to 29"
  Options and Accessories
Maximum Speed5.0 mph High Torque Motors 6.5 mph 8.5 mph
Frame/Shroud Color OptionsAztec GoldBlackBlack CherryBlack OpalBlue OpalCandy BlueCandy PurpleCandy RedElectric BlueEvergreenGlowGreen AppleHot Sparkle PinkMauve PinkRootbeerSparkle SilverSunrise OrangeTitanium Color PaintYellowMatte BlackMatte Black CherryMatte Electric BlueMatte EvergreenMatte PurpleDesert Camouflage Mossy Oak CamouflageStars & StripesZebra
Drive Wheel14" Cast Wheel Solid Inserts (knobby) 14" Cast Wheel Pneumatic (knobby) 14" Chrome/Black Pneumatic (knobby) 14" Chrome/Black Pneumatic w/Inserts (knobby)
Caster WheelsFront: 8" Pneumatic w/Insert 8" Pneumatic 9" Pneumatic w/Insert 9" Pneumatic Rear: 4" Soft Poly 4" Micro Lighted
Transit Option4-point Transit Package
LED Light PackageLED Light Package
Wheel LocksPush to Lock
Manual Conversion KitN/A
Ventilator OptionsArticulating Vent Tray
Batteries22NF Flat Top with Straps Group 24 Flat Top Gel Cell with Straps
Battery Charger8A Dual Mode (Compact) CTE
Drive Control OptionsNon-expandable VR2 Controller 90Amp Expandable R-net Controller
JoysticksVR2 Joystick R-net Standard LED Joystick R-net Joystick with Stereo Jacks and Monochrome Display R-net Joystick with Toggle, Speed Potentiometer, Stereo Jacks and Color Display
Joystick MountFixed Swing-Away
Joystick HandleBall Foam Ball T-handle Goalpost
R-net OMNI and Output OptionsR-net Input Control Module and Display with Built-in Infrared and Armrest Mount Compact Joystick with R-net OMNI R-net Output Module (ECM) R-net Bluetooth Mouse-over
OMNI MountSwing-Away (right or left side)
Switch Inputs for Joysticks or OMNIStereo to 2 Mono Splitter Ribbon Buddy Button Disc Wobble Micro Light Egg – Black Dual Toggle Switch Only 4-way Toggle Switch with 5th Button DB9 Connector
Switch Mount BracketSingle
Specialty Driver Control OptionsQuickie Sip n' Puff System ASL Head Array Package (Adult) ASL Head Array Package (Pediatric) Switch-It Head Array Package (Adult) Switch-It Head Array Package (Pediatric) HMC Proportional Mini Joystick Chin/Lip Control Package HMC Proportional Mini Joystick Midline with Gatlin Package Proportional Chin Control Package
Attendant ControlFor VR2 (mounted right or left) For R-net (mounted right or left)
Electronics ProgrammersVR2 Hand Held Programmer (HHP) R-net PC Programmer with Dongle DTT VR2 and R-net Cables
Seat FrameTraditional Rehab Rehab Recline
Powered Seating OptionsPower CG Tilt 53° Power Recline with Power Shear Reduction 50° Tilt & Recline with Power Shear Reduction
Powered Seating Control MethodStandard Toggle Switch (mounted right or left) Thru Drive 1 Actuator Thru Drive 2+ Actuators
Backrest Frame TypeAngle Adjustable Power Recline
Angle Adjustable Backrest OptionsN/A
Back Cane AngleN/A
Towel Bar DepthN/A
Back Cane HeightN/A
Backrest TypeParapak Upholstery JAY Solid Back JAY Precision Back Tall Lateral Pad Symmetric Swing-Away Lateral Pad Symmetric Lateral Pad Asymmetric Lateral Pad Asymmetric Swing-Away J3
Head Support OptionsCurved Headrest 8" x 4.5" Curved Headrest 9" x 4.5"
Lateral Thoracic SupportCurved or Straight (3" x 6", 4" x 5", 4" x 6")
Thigh SupportN/A
Knee Adductor SupportsN/A
Chest StrapN/A
ArmrestsDual Post Flip Back Dual Post Flip Back Height Adjustable Single Post Height Adjustable Reclining Height Adjustable
Arm PadsDesk Length Waterfall Full Length Waterfall Desk Length Standard Full Length Standard Standard Reclining Otto Bock Forearm Pad Otto Bock Hand Pad
Legrests70° Swing-Away 90° Swing-Away Manual ELR Swing-Away Power ELR Power ELR with Articulation
Legrest ExtensionsShort Medium Long Power ELR Medium or Long
FootplatesAdult Angle Adjustable with Heel Loops Kids Angle Adjustable with Leg Strap Two-piece Locking with Heel Loops Multi-Positional with Heel Loops
Tray TablesMedium Tuffak 15-17 Large Tuffak 18-20
BackpackBlack Utility Black/Charcoal Kids
Positioning BeltsAuto Style Buckle 2" Aircraft Buckle 2" Aircraft Padded Buckle
Mounting AccessoriesN/A
MiscellaneousSeat Pouch Caddy


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